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crunch для AirSlax
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usage: ./crunch <from-len> <to-len> [-f <path to charset.lst> charset-name] [-o wordlist.txt or START] [-t [FIXED]@@@@] [-s startblock]

   -b : maximum bytes to write to output file. depending on the blocksize files may be some bytes smaller than specified but never bigger.
   -c : numbers of lines to write to output file, only works if "-o START" is used, eg: 60 The output files will be in the format of starting letter - ending letter for example: crunch 1 5 -f /pentest/password/charset.lst mixalpha -o START -c 52 will result in 2 files: a-7.txt and 8-\ .txt The reason for the slash in the second filename is the ending character is space and ls has to escape it to print it. Yes you will need to put in the \ when specifying the filename.
   -d : specify -d [n][@,%^] to suppress generation of strings with more than [n] adjacent duplicates from the given character set. For example: ./crunch 5 5 -d 2@ Will print all combinations with 2 or less adjacent lowercase duplicates.
   -e : tells crunch to stop generating words at string. Useful when piping crunch to another program.
   -f : path to a file containing a list of character sets, eg: charset.lst name of the character set in the above file eg: mixalpha-numeric-all-space
   -i : inverts the output so the first character will change very often
   -l : literal characters to use in -t @,%^
   -o : allows you to specify the file to write the output to, eg: wordlist.txt
   -p : prints permutations without repeating characters. This option CANNOT be used with -s. It also ignores min and max lengths.
   -q : Like the -p option except it reads the strings from the specified file. It CANNOT be used with -s. It also ignores min and max.
   -r : resume a previous session. You must use the same command line as the previous session.
   -s : allows you to specify the starting string, eg: 03god22fs
   -t [FIXED]@,%^ : allows you to specify a pattern, eg: @@god@@@@
         where the only the @'s will change with lowercase letters
         the ,'s will change with uppercase letters
         the %'s will change with numbers
         the ^'s will change with symbols
   -u : only print words; supress file size information, aka unheard NOT NEEDED ANYMORE
   -z : adds support to compress the generated output. Must be used with -o option. Only supports gzip, bzip, lzma, and 7z.

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Новая версия!

crunch 3.4 для AirSlax 3

И в какую папку в AirSlax 3.1 его кинуть ?

и зачем прога подскажите

пароли генерировать. но она только для первой версии AirSlax подойдет.
Нужно будет собрать под третью, на досуге.

а можете сгенерировать ли словарик номеров казахстана
870x xxx xx xx и 877x xxx xx xx заранее благодарю


crunch 8 9 0123456789

сгенерирует пароли длинной от 8 до 9 знаков состоящие из символов 0123456789

Да, уж, я тоже не нашол(

Подскажите как с ним работать. На форуме не нашёл.

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